May 27, 2016

Our mission is to provide a place for spiritual, educational, and social development for the youth of South Texas.

The Spirit Center is a Catholic retreat facility embracing young people of other faiths. It will offer awelcoming and safe place for meetings and retreats, complete with overnight accomidations and dining facilities.  Join us and experience God’s grace, the beauty of our country setting and a place designed especially for your youth group.

“Experiencing God is beyond any earthly
sensation. The Spirit Center helps lead
people to open their hearts to God in deep prayer.”

Deacon Bob Allen

Our “Green” Mission

Just as we hope to nurture the soul in The Spirit Center, so we also commit to nurturing the Earth through good stewardship and responsibility in the use of land and natural resources. Facilities that are environmentally responsive will be set in a way that wind, water, sun and vegetation are best utilized and accentuated. Native trees, plants and wildflowers will be protected and preserved to provide personal enjoyment of their beauty and forge the setting for nature walks and meditation.